Q. Free sounds to good to be true, how do you make money ?

A. We generate our revenue from the monthly hosting fee.

Q. How long does it take to build a website ?

A. Your website will be live on the internet within 5 working days from the date we receive your website text and images.

Q. What sort of features can you build into my website ?

A. We can build image galleries, contact forms, blogs, newsletters, Google Maps, Twitter and Facebook links, video, music, downloadable documents, slideshows and many more.

Q. Is it OK if I have already purchased a domain name ?

A. Yes, that is no problem. You just need to provide your domain name account login details so that we can tell your domain name where your new website is located.

Q. Do you add my text and images into the web pages for me ?

A. Yes – our website designers build the overall website design, setup your web pages and insert your text and images. We then provide you with the login details to your websites control panel where you can very easily edit your websites text and images anytime in the future.

Q. After you have built my website can I suggest some changes ?

A. We provide 30 minutes of free edits after your website has been designed. If you require our designers to make further edits the hourly rate is $30.

Q. Can I edit the website when it is complete ?

A. Yes – our browser based control panel makes it easy for you to edit and update your websites text and images when you wish.

Q. Do I need additional software to edit the website content ?

A. No, you do not need to any additional software. Our control panel is browser based and built into your website.

Q. How many web pages are included ?

A. This depends on the hosting package that you choose. It varies from 5 web pages to an unlimited number of pages.

Q. Do you offer support if I need edits to my website in the future ?

A. Yes, our designers are always here to help you. We will respond to any email inquiries within 24 hours. If you require professional editing of your website our hourly rate is $30.

Q. Is there a limit to the amount of images I can have on my website ?

A. No – there is no limit. However, we do suggest limiting the size of the images that you upload to .4mb.

Q. Do I own the domain name if you register it for me ?

A. Yes – you own the domain name we register for you.

Q. What happens after the 12 months hosting has expired ?

A. We will contact you a month before your 12 months hosting has expired. You have the option of renewing or not renewing your website hosting for an additional year.

Q. Can I take my website to another hosting provider after 12 months ?

A. If you wish to leave our website hosting after the 12 months – you may take the websites domain name and the website content that you provided. You will not be able to take the website design as it is built on our propitiatory software. You would need to get another web design company to design you a new website.

Q. Do you build e-commerce websites ?

A. Yes, we build e-commerce websites. E-commerce website hosting is $25 per month.

Q. Can I change my website to an e-commerce website after it is built ?

A. Yes, our designers can upgrade your website to our shop hosting package.

Q. How do I accept payments on my e-commerce website ?

A. All payments are accepted through the online credit card processing gateway PayPal.

Q. Can I edit my websites Title, Meta Tags, Keywords etc. ?

A. Yes, you can login to your website’s control panel and set unique Title, Meta Tags and Keywords for each web page.

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